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Veeline Mini Bars A perfect addition to your hotel room or cooling needs for small places. We offer Compact Luxury for every space!

Compact Size

Compact in size to fit smaller spaces that need optimal cooling performance.

Multiple Door Options

Multiple variations of mini bars with hard door and glass door options.

Commercial Quality

Made with high performance cooling for commercial needs like hotel room mini bars etc.

Veeline_Mini Bars

Mini Bars

Proudly manufacturing over multiple variations of highly customizable mini bars with hard door and glass door options

Highly Customizable

Customizable colors, dimension and door types.

Made in India

We proudly make / assemble our mini bars in india

Global Quality Standards

Meets all global quality and manufacturing standaards for mini bars.

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Refrigerators with advanced adaptive compressors use refrigerants with low greenhouse gas impact (i.e., a Global Warming Potential rating of 15 or less). The added energy savings from this technology are impressive. Refrigerators employing these systems cut energy use by at least 30%.

With Veeline you can customize the mini bars in terms of colors, dimensions, and door types to fit your specific needs and match your space aesthetics.

Yes, with us you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of colors to ensure your mini bar complements your color scheme.

Yes, these mini bars are designed to be versatile, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings, including hotels and offices. The customization options allow them to be tailored to suit the specific needs of a commercial environment, such as matching the decor, fitting into compact spaces, and offering sufficient storage for standard hotel or office requirements.

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